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         Dynamic Global Media manages and produces Television video      production for KVQT21 and their other DGM clients. We bring 45 years of experience in Television, film and documentary programs. We also provide live streaming and pay-per-view streaming event services.


                              Dynamic Global Media Services

This is My Story Video

Biographical documentaries about entrepreneurs and their companies. They can use their video for marketing, sales, resume, and demo purposes. We will also produce viewing email invites, website versions, and media. Also personal stories and in memory of videos.

Television and Internet Broadcasting

Television programs production to air on KVQT21 and sister stations

Multi-Camera Live Switching Event Production

On-Line Live Event Video Streaming

On-Line Secure Live Meeting Video Streaming

On-line Ticket Purchase Event Video Streaming

On-Line Sound Only Streaming

Multi-location Live Video Streaming

On-Line On location Live video Streaming

Video and Web Streaming Server Hosting

Television commercials

The most effective advertising media for small to large companies

Broadcast commercials and infomercials for Television

Business to Business on-line marketing

Marketing Video

Enhance your sales presentations to new customers with professional

Video that can explain even the most difficult ideas behind your

product and services. Use with your existing customers to increase their awareness of your

complete line of products and all the services your business has to offer.

Showcase your products and services in business or waiting room, at trade shows, conventions, and seminars

Training Video

Save time and money

A professional video can be used over & over

Video training manuals can double or triple your present training

Ensure the consistency and quality of your training with professional

Video training programs works well with on-line testing

Corporate Video

Overcome the limitations of your management structure

Deliver your plans and goals directly to your people; the ones who have

the most influence in helping your company achieve its goals

Help get your message across at your next speech presentation

Video can emphasize like no other medium

Safety Video

Demonstrate that you meet State and Federal regulations

Document your safety procedures

Protect yourself against potential litigation

Coordinate production with a training video and cut costs

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