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Welcome to Preview TV21 on KVQT


Preview TV21 broadcasts on KVQT Channel 21, a Greater Houston Broadcast Television station. We say “See it here first” at Preview TV 21 and what we are airing is content that hasn’t been on Television until now. We want to be the first to broadcast the next big hit. We are proud to carry Fun Roads TV as our national network feed. Fun roads is exactly what the name implies, a channel that embraces the unexpected. Fun Roads is that intrepid road trip that feeds curiosity & stimulates discovery. A journey where getting lost is just as much fun as getting there.

We believe our programming needs to be shared with the world. KVQT Channel 21 is an antenna Television station serving the Greater Houston Area focusing on previewing programs to viewers on broadcast tv that aren’t otherwise available on other local stations. 

Our content has been selected to be shown on broadcast television in a major metro area with over 2.5 million possible viewers. There are over 100 antenna channels available in the Greater Houston area free with a HD antenna. Preview TV 21 is proud to be included on that list of quality free Television. Our programs air in the number eight broadcast market in the country making Houston one of the premier television market in the United States.


Preview Tv’s partnership with Channel 21 is bringing good content into the world of television by broadcasting excellent content like yours with plans to expand to other markets in the future.

You can be a part of this exciting shift in television.

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